The new Guide to Enjoying Backyard Birds CD is the first CD-ROM providing comprehensive information on how to maximize the enjoyment of backyard birds. The CD has been designed in a program called Flash®, resulting in a product that is both dynamic and fun to use. It runs on both PC's and Apple Macintosh.

Double Your Fun!
Your customers will find the CD is fun to use and provides valuable information on a wide variety of topics. An excellent product in its own right, when a customer leaves the store with the new Sam's Guide it will be as is if you are sending a salesman home with them. The information is provided in such a way that it helps the user develop all aspects of their hobby, especially through the development of their backyard habitat. Attracting more and different birds involves using different kinds of feeders and feed, birdbaths, etc. As users see how the products are used they will be in a better position to make informed choices on expanding their backyard efforts in a way that will help ensure their success.

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We want to support the stores that support our products and have developed the following special services.

- Order 6 CD's in a year and your store will be listed on this Web site, with all of your contact information.

- Order 12 CD's in a year and gain access to our free on-line information services for 12 months.

Many stores produce their own newsletter, either printed or e-mail based. We know it is often a challenge to take the time to develop content for the newsletter. To help make the process a little easier we have made available on this Web site 50 high-quality bird images and more than a dozen articles of various lengths that can be used royalty free. We add one to two articles each month and, if you wish, will e-mail you information monthly on new articles that have been added and updates on our products.

Each month's e-mail will have the password to access the information. You will only receive one e-mail each month and we will not make your e-mail address available to others. To qualify all you have to do is order 12 CD's in a one-year period. You will receive your password after the twelfth CD has been ordered and you will have access for the following 12 months.

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