"Sam's Guide to Enjoying Backyard Birds is a fun and comprehensive way to explore the world of backyard birds," says Sam Crowe, developer of a new CD-ROM.

Over 50 million Americans are interested in the popular hobby of watching or feeding birds. The Sam's Guide gives tips for identifying the most common backyard birds. It includes birdsongs plus video clips of many species in action.

Virtually every aspect of the hobby is covered, including what and how to feed birds, gardening for the birds (and butterflies too), birdbaths, optics, field guides, photography and much more.

Special sections include extended information on hummingbirds, purple martins and bluebirds.

"This CD has all the answers for those interested in learning more about their backyard birds," says Crowe, "and the background songs and sounds help make it both informative and entertaining to use."

Released by Web Spectrum, the CD-ROM is cross platform and self-launching.

For more information visit or contact Sam Crowe at Web Spectrum: 972-562-7432.

300 DPI images of the CD cover and screen shots suitable for print media are available. Contact us a for information.

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